Why no new Elbenwald catalog?

Before we answer the above question: We love print. Honestly, you should see our bookshelf. Even the one or other magazine we still have oldschool in subscription! Simply because paper feels different. You hold something real in your hand. And it rustles so nicely. And yet …

And yet, a lot has changed for us, too. Of course we still read on paper, we even like it! But much less than before. And what we read on paper and really keep, even proudly present on the shelf, are not catalogs. Of course we like to look through them. Most of the time we even read the editorial! But at some point, the whole thing ends up in the blue garbage can.

This, coupled with banal but important reasons such as increased printing and paper costs, the months of working time, the whole logistics behind it and, of course, the environment, led us to this decision: We are not doing a new general catalog. We know that many fans like the Elbenwald catalog. Hell, we like it too! That's why we've been discussing the issue for almost two years and now, with a heavy heart, we've arrived here.

Well, you could produce the catalogue digitally. But that's not a real alternative either, because it takes the same amount of time, but we don't think anyone would click through 120+ pages online. We wouldn't do it either. Speaking of alternatives: we don't give up print altogether, but we try to do it with smaller projects. We put just as much love into them, but they can be more up-to-date. After all, we get so much new merch in every week that in the worst case it would have to wait a whole year for its appearance in the catalogue. Read: We want to try out more.

TL;DR: Paper is cool, but most people read ditigal now. And because the catalogue is also really expensive, we try smaller print projects. Sorry to all catalogue fans!

Elbenwald Katalog - Gratis anfordern!
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