Elbenwald Unicorn standing in a magical forest

The hidden unicorn page

You clicked on the unicorn, didn't you?

You just couldn't leave it alone. And then you ended up here. On the hidden unicorn page. What are we going to do with you? Ah, of course...

We ADORE you! Because honestly, who scrolls to the bottom of a website and looks at the footer? Nobody! And if they do, it's probably just by accident. Or boredom.

But not you! You conscientiously scroll through everything and discover even the smallest details like the unicorn with your eagle eyes. And you just click on it! Without knowing what happens afterwards. (Which, by the way, is not a recommended approach everywhere on the internet).

Last time we checked, only 0.044 percent of all visitors to our shop were on the hidden unicorn page. And because numbers don't lie, we can officially state: You are something special!

Feel hugged by unknown like-minded people. Or, if that makes you uncomfortable: imagine that we nodded at you appreciatively but silently as you passed by.

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