Bonus points - Collect points,  get discounts.

Bonus points

For us, the highest accolade (next to our Platinum Trophies on PlayStation) is that fans keep ordering from us. We would like to thank you for this loyalty - and give something back! With our bonus point system, you automatically collect points with every order, which you can use for discounts! You don't have to do anything except log in with your customer account.

What earns you how many points?

You get one bonus point for every two euros spent. Or in other words: if you buy something for 20 euros, you get 10 bonus points. By the way, we round up, so a T-shirt for 19.95 euros also earns you 10 points.

How do I use the points?

As always, add your favourite merch to the shopping cart. When you're done, click on "Show cart" and use the slider to choose how many points you want to exchange for a discount.

Do I also collect points in an Elbenwald Store?

Yes! The best way to do this is via the Elbenwald app. Here you call up your digital customer card via your profile and simply have it scanned at the checkout. The points are automatically assigned to your account.

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