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You have clicked on our press page! Then you are probably looking for information about Elbenwald. Below you will find a short summary of our history, for everything else feel free to send us an email to presse@elbenwald.de

The Elbenwald story in brief

We are Germany's leading merchandise company with a range of more than 15,000 products. We sell these primarily through our online shop and more than 30 branches in Germany and Austria. We are also licensees and manufacture many of our products ourselves. But first and foremost, we are fans ourselves and know our customers.

Elbenwald was founded in 2000 by three - at the time - future ex-students: Dirk Wiedenhaupt, Jens Geppert and Alexander Lapeta. Initially, Elbenwald GbR (GmbH since 2002) was purely a Lord of the Rings online shop, but over the years more and more themes were added. Today we serve more than 300 fandoms, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, anime and superheroes.

The conquest of the offline world began in 2010 with the opening of the first shop in Berlin's Alexa, followed by the first Austrian branch in 2015. The current largest shop, with 350 m², has been located in Neuhauser Straße in Munich since July 2022. Our shop openings regularly turn into big events that attract several thousand fans and even inspire the police. Since 2018, we have also been organising the Elbenwald Festival, a unique mixture of music festival and fan convention that is currently unparalleled.


Unfortunately, we have not yet won the Triwizard Tournament, but we have won these awards, among others:

  • Roland-Berger-Gründerpreis (Roland-Berger Founders' Prize)
  • Deutscher Phantastik-Preis (German Fantasy Prize)
  • Family-friendly company Cottbus (Family-friendly company Cottbus)
  • Zukunftspreis Brandenburg 2015 (Brandenburg Future Prize 2015)
  • ECE Retailer Award – Most Innovative Concept
  • Austrian Retail Innovation Award
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