Waste disposal

Our duty to notify for electrical appliances

Separate collection of waste equipment

Electrical and electronic equipment that has become waste is referred to as WEEE. If you are the owner of WEEE, you must dispose of it separately from unsorted municipal waste. Old appliances do not belong in household waste, but in special collection and return systems.

Batteries and accumulators

Old appliances have old batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed in the old appliance. If you are the owner of such an appliance, you usually have to separate it from this appliance before handing it in at a collection point. This does not apply if the WEEE is handed in to public waste management authorities and separated from other WEEE there for the purpose of preparation for reuse. Batteries do not belong in household waste. However, as a consumer you are legally obliged to return used batteries. You can return used batteries to the public collection points in your area or wherever batteries are sold.

Options for returning old appliances

In order to provide opportunities for the return of old appliances, we work together with qualified recycling companies. As a consumer, you can return old electrical appliances free of charge to a public collection point in your place of residence - or, if you purchased it from us, to us under the following conditions. If you buy an electrical appliance from us, we will take back an old appliance of the same type free of charge (1:1 take-back). Regardless of whether you buy a new electrical appliance from us, we will take back all old appliances that are smaller than 25 centimetres (0:1 return).

To ensure that your return reaches us and can be disposed of, add the note: Used battery / used electrical appliance visibly on the package and send it to:

Elbenwald GmbH
Am Seegraben 9-10
03051 Cottbus

If you have any questions about your return, please contact our customer support.

Data protection notice

Old devices often contain sensitive personal data. If you wish to dispose of such a device with us, please note the following: In your own interest, make sure that the data on the old equipment to be disposed of has been deleted.

Meaning of the "crossed-out dustbin" symbol

The symbol of a crossed-out dustbin regularly displayed on electrical and electronic equipment indicates that the respective device must be collected separately from unsorted municipal waste at the end of its service life, i.e. that it does not belong in the household waste.

Reporting and notification obligations according to §18 ElektroG / Article 2 Law Waste Framework Directive

We and our suppliers comply with all legal reporting obligations. The Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte Register (WEEE Register Foundation) publishes the values determined for the previous year from the annual statistics notification of the manufacturers for Germany.

WEEE registration number: DE 57002536

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