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Working at Elbenwald is like spending a day with friends who inspire each other, spur each other on and create something new together. Who deal with extraordinary products every day to make the world out there a little bit more colourful. Who are passionately committed to providing a home for every fan in the Elbenwald. We look forward to welcoming more companions! Apply with us!

Jobs in the head office

Nothing for you?

Then go on the offensive and convince us of your superhero talents with a speculative application. Let us know how fantastic you are in your job and how well you complement our team. Just send us an email at


With us, you can supplement grey theory with colourful practical experience!

We are always in need of fresh university interns with new ideas and a lot of knowledge in their heads (also to maintain the average age in our team :)). Send us your plus points with a short CV to

Vocational training

For a fantastic start to your career - an apprenticeship at Elbenwald.

You can start your career with us as a warehouse logistics specialist, industrial clerk or salesperson, for example. We look forward to receiving your application by email at

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