Elbenwald Stores


Walking into an Elbenwald store is like coming home. You'll find your favourite theme here, whether you're into Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, gaming, anime, Game of Thrones, comic book adaptations or whatever.

There's actually everything you need or want on site: replicas, T-shirts, high-quality jewellery, mugs, collector's figurines, wands, and so on and so forth. Everything is neatly sorted by theme so that the overview doesn't get lost.

But the best thing is: you can touch and try out all the hot shit right away. If you have a question - or just want to chat - our in-house nerds (read: employees) are ready to help. And if your favourite item isn't there, we'll order it for you - no strings attached!

Your benefits

  • Elbenwald at your fingertips
  • Order online, pick up on site for FREE
  • Friendly sales staff
  • Sensible advice
  • Easy exchange
  • Talk shop with other fans
  • Also for Muggles
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